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 A thrilling lecture by Golden Lecturer Yu Qiuming

Training is the best welfare to employees and the most straightforward approach to lift collective spiritual height to company development. On January 12, 2015, Kangnuo had hosted a fantastic lecture on the thesis of executive force prepared by Reputed Golden Lecturer Yu Qiuming in the training chamber.


An impressive and thoughtful atmosphere is apparently spread during entire lecturer. Enormous vivid examples and stories were referred to claim the importance of responsibility, willingness, and introspecting to better the operation and be better operators. Apart from the self-motivation programs, Yu also cited how to cut down the black sheep while rewarding the outstanding colleagues, which really give a longstanding thought for the human resources maintaining and promotion section.


General Manager gave a short speech indicating the value of this great lecture and new direction emerging henceforth. All the staff is expected to behave more outstanding based on their diversified potential and latent energy. It’s a big breakthrough as well as a new beginning for growth deserving huge attention. 

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