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 Kangnuo to seek innovation everyday

As famous management guru Paul Hawken cited “management is the art of making problems so interesting and their solutions so constructive that everyone wants to get to work and deal with them”. Be pushed to a fast pace of development, Kangnuo Bioengineering has always been fixating on improving each detail to follow and transcend counterparts. To engage staff more actively into routine acts as well as to speed efficiency, Kangnuo Bioengineering has made it a rule to launch Tech-Developing and Manage-Promoting Conference every working day since July 2014. Rather than a summary seminar, Kangnuo takes each TDMPC as a symposium, where senior managers share latest market trends, negotiate with each other on technology details, and conclude in the new direction and conceptions.The past 6 months has witnessed the optimistic progress both in workshop management and technology research level. 

As a tech-based company, Kangnuo owes all value creation to the power of innovation and improvement. Higher speed, faster pace. Human resources and constructive ideas are precious treasure for development. Besides, Kangnuo also seeks every tactics to keep and retain outstanding staff to become more outbound and nearer to top notch level. 

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